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14 Outrageous California Meals You Won't Believe Exist

When you were a kid you were probably forced to eat something you didn't like. Your parents probably never told you that when you grow up, you may just find yourself eating something crazy on purpose. We've found 14 outrageous meals that you won't believe actually exist. Yes, people decide to eat these things--and they like them!

14 Outrageous California Meals

1. Doughnut Burger - San Francisco

You may love hamburgers and you may love doughnuts, but would you love them together? Straw in San Francisco offers The Ringmaster - a cheese burger stuck between two glazed doughnuts (source). It's an interesting take on salty and sweet, but have they gone too far? 4877317363_6f8aa81092_b Flickr by Robyn Lee

2. Deep-Fried Piglet - Los Angeles

Well, you may have enjoyed Whinny the Pooh, but what about eating Piglet too? According to Andrew Zimmern, Fords Filling Station in L.A. offers deep-fried piglet. You can also order the whole pig if you're looking for more. Apparently, they are big on pigs here... 4234739536_48fa6e1dc5_b Flickr by Larry

3. Whipper Burger - Los Angeles

According to the Hawkins Burgers menu, the Whipper Burger comes complete with two hamburger patties, pastrami, and a hot-link. There's also the option for cheese, and at that point, you might as well. IMG_0237 From Hawkins Burgers

4. Slater's 50/50 - Southern California

Now, a burger isn't outrageous in and of itself, but include 50% bacon with 50% ground beef to create the 50/50 burger at Slater's 50/50 and you've got yourself something pretty amazing. But it doesn't stop there. They also offer a peanut butter and jelly hamburger, Fritos added to a burger, and a 'bacon everything' burger. We'll recommend the whole Slater's experience as outrageous! 13301973073_d686a9d658_b Flickr by Drew Hubbard, Ben Waters

5. 12 Egg Omelet - Antioch

You'd better like eggs if you're brave enough to try this omelet at Lumpy's Diner. We're talking 12 eggs that combine to make an omelet the size of a football! 5718057213_db7906b49f_b Flickr by nathanmac87

6. Chicken and Waffles - Southern California

Roscoe's is famous for their chicken and waffles. Yes, it's a "strange" combination and definitely rates on our outrageous California meals list, but it's surprisingly tasty. Once you try it, we're pretty sure you'll like it! 3412988631_c18a592903_b Flickr by James Bilbrey

7. Hubcap Challenge- Roseville

When you think of pancakes, you think a nice, manageable sized pancake with some syrup. At Jim-Denny's, pancakes aren't quite so 'manageable'. They offer the Hubcap Challenge - a huge pancake the size of a hubcap. Adding "spokes" means adding bacon or sausage on top. This outrageously large pancake offers up quite the challenge. Could you beat it? thumb_600 From Foodspotting

8. BurritoZilla - San Jose

Iguana's Burritozilla offers one of the most outrageous California meals with their five pound, 18-inch burrito titled "BurritoZilla". It is the mother of all burritos and takes several tortillas just to make it. Would you be up for the challenge of conquering this giant burrito? 615350_427165524011498_1332867016_o From Iguana's Burritozilla's Facebook Page

9. Toffee Meal Worms - San Francisco

You may have eaten bugs as a kid accidentally...but now, it's "okay" to eat them as a grown up. That is, if you are willing to get past the fact that you're eating bugs. Don Bugito's has all of your bug taste buds covered. They are an "edible insect street food project" advertizing edible insects as a way to introduce high-protein foods (like bugs) as an answer for the shortage of these types of food. Check out their Etsy shop for products like Chocolate Covered Salted Crickets, Chile-Lime Crickets, and their most popular Toffee Mealworms. 83f7 From

10. Chicken Liver Toast - Los Angeles

The first item on the Animal restaurant menu is Chicken Liver Toast. According to Yelpers, it's a good option on the menu and priced very reasonably. They also offer a host of other fun and different options just right for a discerning foodie. Would you pick the Chicken Liver Toast? chicken-liver From Darin Dines

11. "Kryptonite" Sandwich - San Francisco

At Ike's Place you can test your superhero capabilities to see if you can withstand the Kryptonite Sandwhich! With these ingredients: "Avocado, Bacon, Beer Battered Onion Rings, EXTRA Pepper Jack, Ham, Mozzarella Sticks, Pastrami, Pesto, Roast Beef, Salami, Stuffed Jalapeno Poppers, Turkey" (source) and weighing almost 4 pounds, you may have met your match with this sandwhich. It definitely qualifies for our outrageous California meals list! tumblr_lc1wpvc88f1qzx1i7 From Tumbler  

12. Ring of Fire Hot Sauce - San Pedro

So...this isn't a meal, but it's pretty outrageous. The 710Grille's Ring of Fire Hot Sauce on their chicken wings is just as painful as it is tasty. Yelpers say to have a drink ready because your mouth will feel like it's on fire after eating these babies! IMG_4054 From Sure Beats Work

13. Dinosaur Sized Ribs - San Diego

As one of the top 10 restaurants in San Diego, Phil's BBQ has a lot to offer, including Dinosaur Sized Ribs covered in Phil's own secret BBQ sauce. You will not walk away hungry, but that assuming you're even up for the challenge! phils-1000 From SanDiegoVille

14. Surfin' California Burrito - San Diego

You haven't seen outrageous until you've seen Lucha Libre Taco Shop's Surfin' California Burrito. With these ingredients: "Grilled Steak, Shrimp, Fresh French Fries, Avocado, Pico De Gallo, Cheese, & Super Secret Chipotle Sauce" (source) you will be amazed and slightly overwhelmed (I know I was when I visited!). French Fries, you may say. Yes. 100% yes. This amazing burrito isn't for the faint of heart, but the taste is outrageously good and definitely needs to be on this list! IMG_5630 From The Wanderers

We know we didn't catch them all. What outrageous meal do you enjoy?

  Sources: TV Food Maps Cover Photo from Flickr by Bob B. Brown

Grab a seat! 4th of July Firework Viewing Hot Spots

Put on some red, white, and blue and head out to see the fireworks! We've compiled a list of some of the best spots to view fireworks in California. We know cities all over California will be showing off their best and brightest fireworks. Hopefully we've included a city near you!

California Firework Viewing Hot Spots

Mt. Shasta

See some of the best fireworks in Northern California from the Mt. Shasta Resort (a $2 fee) or sit on the beach at the Lake Siskiyou Campground. mtshasta_0040(pp_w750_h502) From


Directed over Arcata Bay, the best place to view these fireworks is from the Eureka boardwalk area. 9207020339_7259fbbb71_z Flickr by Christian Arballo


View the fireworks show from Caldwell Park. 728112367_bb870cc3bd_o Flickr by Joey Gannon


A great show at the CalExpo Miller Lite Grandstand (Fairgrounds). Admission is free though parking is $10. 4763383724_936e0b2b76_b Flickr by four years

South Lake Tahoe

These fireworks can be viewed (for free) from a spot on the beach overlooking the lake (suggested that you can park and walk to the beach). 1322517879_0b27a51414_o Flickr by simplistic.designs


Spend some time at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom and see some amazing fireworks. 3696800400_436e974121_o Flickr by Socalmacker

San Francisco

There are many firework shows in San Francisco, but some of the best places mentioned for firework viewing are:
  • Pier 39 in (watch from Embarcadero or Fort Mason)
  • Indian Rock
  • Marine Headlands
  • For Miley
  • Sausalito's show (just north of the Golden Gate Bridge on Richardson Bay)
9220051188_46a0a80a64_b Flickr by David Yu

Santa Cruz

Apparently, Santa Cruz puts on quite the explosive Firework show with illegal fireworks! 3847959712_ee16af35af_o Flickr by simon sun

Santa Barbara

Set off from West Beach, these fireworks last almost 20 minutes and are said to be an amazing show. IMG_5943 Flickr by Angela Sevin

Pismo Beach

View from Oceano Dunes and come prepared to camp for the best spot available. 5975050879_1557ae950f_b Flickr by Chris Hearn  


Join the Freedom Fest and see fireworks from the Buchanan High School in Clovis ($5 fee). fireworks-1 From E.A. Creative Photography

Los Angeles

Hollywood Bowl Fireworks Spectacular with Steve Marin and The Steep Canyon Rangers. A night you won't soon forget. Grand Park at the LA Civic Center offers the biggest rooftop firework show in LA. 4791618084_932972c952_b Flickr by iwishmynamewasmarsha

Santa Monica

Come to the Santa Monica College Corsair Field on the Westside and enjoy exhibits and entertainment with amazing fireworks to end your night with a BANG! 4791616106_1ced253039_b Flickr by iwishmynamewasmarsha

Marina del Rey

Set off from a barge in the bay, these fireworks over the water are a beautiful sight. 1322516281_ed1f47c0a1_o Flickr by simplistic.designs Pasadena Americafest at the Rose Bowl - fireworks begin at 9pm. 3695988481_618f8de3cd_o Flickr by Socalmacker

Redondo Beach

Seen from Redondo Beach Pier, the fireworks are complete with themed music. 4790978557_8559380aa6_b Flickr by iwishmynamewasmarsha

Long Beach

Hop aboard the Queen Mary for an All-American 4th of July display you won't forget ($39.99 admission). 13967262418_bb68e81fc0_z Flickr by Chris Parker

San Diego

The beautiful city of San Diego boasts many locations to view fireworks:
  • Marina District
  • North Embarcadero
  • Shelter Island
  • Harbor Island
  • Seaport Village/South Embarcadero
  • Coronado Ferry Landing
3688737047_72c0fc8a20_b Flickr by Nathan Rupert

Where's your hot spot for firework viewing in California?

  Cover photo from Flickr by Jeff Turner Source: Travel Tips,, USA Today, AMP Radio

Secret Bars in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego

We're letting the secret out. Check out these awesome secret and hidden bars in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego. Impress your date with you insider knowledge of these amazing bars and quickly become the life of the party!

Secret Bars in San Francisco

Burbon & Branch

Enter here to take a step back into the 1920's. Make sure you take a gander at their House Rules (some of which include speaking "easy", no use of cell phones, and no standing at the bar). If you can find your way around these, make Burbon & Branch your next late night diversion. 3812902855_45e067fa2d_o Flickr by Sarai Mitnick Wilson & Wilson Private Detective Agency The website for the Wilson & Wilson Private Detective Agency (the speakeasy within Burbon & Branch) is pretty amazing (trust us, it's worth a visit).  Their fun and slightly encrypted case file-style webpage makes it clear that appointments are needed, along with the proper password, if you want to take part in "solving the case" or maybe buying a drink or two. 3813715736_389c043052_o Flickr by Sarai Mitnick Russells Room @ Burbon & Branch Enter through a bookshelf to this additional room in Burbon & Branch. Again, a password is required. 2204374404_c0e1ba2f46_b Flickr by Luigi Anzivino

Smugglers Cove

Boasting "traditional drinks of the Caribbean Island" and so much more, this pirates paradise offers over 70 cocktails and has an atmosphere to put even the most discerning pirate fanatic at ease. It may not be secret, but the entrance to this three-level bar is hidden in plain sight without much to draw attention to it. Keep a weather eye out, matey. 5561958695_194ab57d06_b Flickr by stephanie vacher

The Hideout at Dalva

Hip. Trendy. Hidden. The Hideout at Dalva is another bar within a bar. Tucked away in the back of the Dalva, The Hideout has everything you'll want in a secret, hidden bar. Their Facebook page won't give you much helpful information, but this article at Party Earth will. 574902_430469293664674_2064696317_n From The Hideout (at Dalva) Facebook Page

Secret Bars in Los Angeles

The Varnish

Located at the back of Cole's, The Varnish has a speakeasy style to suit the most discerning tastes. It's a must visit when looking to experience secret bars. l-1 From Yelp by Christine A.

Blind Barber

Need a haircut...and a drink? The Blind Barber is for you. You reach this fun, vintage bar through the back door of the functioning barbershop and will experience an intimate speakeasy atmosphere. l-7 From Yelp

Good Times at Davey Wayne's

By far the most bizarre way to enter a bar--ever--you get to Good Times at Davey Wayne's by entered through a garage and, get this, a refrigerator door entrance. This 70's themed bar boasts comfy seating like outdoor couches and hammocks in addition to playing vintage 70's music. It's fun and a great secret bar in Hollywood! l-6 From Yelp by Alice L.

The Writer's Room

You don't have to be the future Hemingway to enjoy this 1930's inspired speakeasy located behind Musso & Frank, but you do have to be on "the list" (though it seems you may be able to make it in on flattery alone...?). l-4 From Yelp by Michael S.

Secret Bars in San Diego

Nobel Experiment

Even their website is secretive and leaves you wondering what you're in for with a visit to Nobel Experiment. All we can tell you is that it's recommended you make a reservation. Thrillist divulges that you send in a text to obtain a reservation and show up during a 15 minute window to enter through what looks like a wall of kegs in order to enjoy some of the best drinks in San Diego! l From Yelp by Kent D.

Gaslamp Speakeasy

As long as you remember these simple rules,"No Religion. No Politics." you'll be good-to-go at the Gaslamp Sepakeasy. They also require a few other rules to be followed, but nothing that will keep you from having a good time. Come enjoy drinks and live music at this hidden gem. l-3 From Yelp by Ingrid I


If you've found a door advertizing, "Law Offices of Eddie O’Hare, Esq." you've come to the right place. You'll need to agree to house rules and then, depending on availability, you'll enter into this popular San Diego speakeasy. It's first come first serve and a dress code is enforced, but completely worth it to enjoy live music, amazing drinks, and a truly fantastic atmosphere. l-2 From Yelp by Jean L.   Cover Photo from Flickr by Jonathan Ball Source: Thrillist, Huffington Post, Yelp

Best Burgers in California

We've posted about In-N-Out and it's true, we do love their burgers, but we know they aren't the only burger place in California. We thought we'd welcome the coming of summer by compiling a list of the best burger places in California to get your mouth watering and to give you some possible road trip destinations.

Best Burgers in California

Etna Brewery, Etna

Enjoy a local brew and a fantastic burger at this Northern California local favorite. You can go old-school with a cheese burger or kick it up a notch with their well known Ortega Burger! Flickr by Zane Mulligan Flickr by Zane Mulligan

Burgers & Brew, Sacramento

Grab a brew. Grab a burger.  Grab some friends and head on over to Burgers & Brew in Sacramento. With award winning brews and burgers (we're talking Best Burger in Yolo county!), you can't go wrong. Flickr by Angelo DeSantis Flickr by Angelo DeSantis

Pearl's Deluxe Burgers, San Francisco

The Yelp enthusiasts dub Pearl's Deluxe burgers to have one of the best burgers in California! Check it out for yourself and see if you agree. Flickr by hermitsmoores Flickr by hermitsmoores

Super Duper Burgers, San Francisco

They boast "Fast food burgers, slow food values" and what could be better than that? Everything's all natural and a lot of what they offer is made right there in the shop. Hop on over and check it out. Flickr  by wEnDy Flickr by wEnDy

Zuni Cafe, San Francisco

Hidden amidst an impressive menu, you may not initially think of Zuni Cafe as a "burger place" but if what we're hearing is right, they offer an amazing (albeit high-end) burger! Flicker by Jason Hamner Flicker by Jason Hamner

Burger Lunge, Tahoe

Another Yelp reviewers favorite, this burger joint is the place to be this summer if you're in the Tahoe area. Make sure you come prepared to take your time selecting because they have an impressive lists of burgers to choose from. Flickr by Lauren Flickr by Lauren

Hook Burger Bistor, Southern California Locations

The minute you take a bike of a Hook burger, you're sure to be hooked ;) We also love that they support many different causes. This is an all-around great burger place and definitely a great addition to your summer list. Flickr by Doran Flickr by Doran

Get the Burger, Big Bear

This home-grown burger place is a classic and just what you need whether you're enjoying summer hiking and tanning at the lake or shredding the slopes in the winter! Flickr by Jennifer Flickr by Jennifer

Lucky's Tavern, Hollywood

Lucky's boasts "made from scratch - artisan burgers" and is a prime spot for great beer and great burgers! Burger-Diablo From Lucky's Tavern

Umami, San Francisco and Southern California

With the trademark "U" stamped onto the top of their buns, Umami is in a class all its own. With many locations in Southern California and the bay area, you have no excuse to avoid a satisfying and delicious trip to Umami soon (today maybe?). Flicker by Larry Flickr by Larry

The Father's Office, Los Angeles

This Gastropub created by Chef Sang Yoon features their most popular burger, the "Office Burger". It's also a great place for beer with an European influenced atmosphere. Good burger on a crunchy roll Flickr by Daremoshiranai

Stout, Los Angeles

Stout offers affordable burgers to discerning Los Angeles foodies. Make a trek to discover their amazing gruyere and blue cheese burger toppings among other additions that make these burgers delicious  and some of the best burgers in California. Flickr by Drew Hubbard-Ben Waters Flickr by Drew Hubbard-Ben Waters

Mom's Burgers, Compton

They aren't healthy, and maybe sometimes they look a little overwhelming, but Mom's Burgers will knock your socks off! They are a must-have! 5483050502_8868595926 From LA Weekly

Burger Boss, Riverside & Corona

With the option to order on line, natural ingredients, gluten free options, and so much more, how could we not put Burger Boss on a best burgers in California list? OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Flickr by Gabriel Amadeus

Dave's Burgers, Long Beach

At 4.5 starts on Yelp, you know that Dave's Burgers is the place to be! It's small and out of the way, but definitely worth a stop if you're in the Long Beach area. l From Yelp by Louie B.

Rocky's Crown Pub, San Diego

The first thing you'll see on their website is this claim, " Welcome to Rocky's, home of the best burgers in San Diego" - couldn't get any clearer than that, could you? But their legend goes beyond just their website! Any local will tell you they've got what it takes to make the list of the best burgers in California! 9186611131_a9a2771712_k Flickr by Kirk K

Did we miss your favorite burger place? Tell us about it in the comments below!   Cover Photo from Flickr by James Source: Yelp, Thrillist, LA Weekly, We Be Trippin'

We Scream for Ice Cream! 15 Popular California Ice Cream Parlors

Hot summer days are upon us and we here at California Limited are all screaming for ice cream! In search of the perfect, icy-cold treat, we've compiled a list of 15 popular California ice cream parlors that you just have to visit.

15 Popular California Cream Parlors


This classic Los Angeles establishment has it all - including great reviews. If you're in Southern California, a trip to Milk must be on your list! float From MILK

N'ice Cream

With a few Southern California store options to choose from, find a N'ice Cream near you and get ready to enjoy organic, frozen goodness! Ok, so it's's almost ice cream ;) 4959405671_d3268e8c69_b Flickr by Tiny Insomniac

Scoops Westside

Get the scoop on Scoops Westside in East Hollywood from their simple website and awesome commercial (really, you've got to check it out). They claim handmade dairy and non-dairy options and take suggestions for flavors from patrons. 4716838959_eaf64887f3_b Flickr by Liliana Fuchs

Screamin Mimi's

Screamin Mim's makes the  popular California ice cream parlors list due to its ice cream made fresh daily from all-natural and local Sonoma products. Flickr by St0rmz Flickr by St0rmz

Gunther's Quality Ice

Founded in 1940, Gunther's is still around for a reason. If you're in Sacramento, make sure you grab a picture of "Jugglin' Joe", the stores neon sign that shows "Joe" tossing a ball of ice cream onto a cone. Flickr by Thomas Hawk Flickr by Thomas Hawk

Bi-Rite Creamery and Bakeshop

This popular San Francisco ice cream parlor and bakeshop boasts hand made (down to the fun, mixed in ingredients like brownies or peanut brittle) ice cream that will blow you away with its surprising flavors and unique combinations. 3882265719_10013da4b5_b Flickr by Keith McDuffee

Mr. & Mrs. Miscellaneous

Gaining rave reviews on yelp and Facebook, another well-known San Francisco ice cream parlor is Mr. & Mrs. Miscellaneous.  They are reported to have unusual but delightfully tasty flavors. 5358272037_3053e25495_b Flickr by joel kabahit

Fenton's Creamery

If you've seen Disney's Up, you may remember Fenton's Creamery from it. Located in San Francisco, this ice cream parlor is worth a visit for its long-standing history alone, not to mention it's delicious frozen treats! fenton-creamery-up-movie From

Loard’s Ice Cream

Founded in 1950, Loard's Ice Cream in San Leandro is a standing testament to old fashioned ice cream. It had to be included in our list! 3765485486_128277be17_o Flickr by cherrypatter

Tara’s Organic Ice Cream

Organic and offering flavors you've never dreamed of, Tara's Organic Ice Cream (TOIC) can be found in Oakland, Berkeley, Pleasanton, a mobile trike (we're not even kidding), and many other locations that serve their fun flavors. There is no way around trying their amazing flavors! 511436054_432cd53d35_b Flickr by Jessica Merz

Mitchell’s Ice Cream

This San Francisco, family-owned ice cream parlor makes their flavors daily and in small batches to guarantee freshness. 7568485650_646fe566e2_b Flickr by madlyinlovewithlife

Farrell's Ice Cream Parlour

Historic and timeless, Farrell's has a location in Sacramento and many locations in Southern California. 7571083558_05eb63ce88_b Flickr by cerebralvista

Sprinkles Ice Cream

Known for their cupcakes, Sprinkles ice cream is just as popular. Stop by their Beverly Hills location and you just may see a Hollywood celebrity there! waffle-cone From Sprinkles

Hans' Homemade Ice Cream

Locally sourced and handmade, this Santa Ana ice cream shop will give you the perfect ice cream cone to put a smile on your face! 364899832_ca2d2f1b86_o Flickr by ulterior epicure

Ici Ice Cream

Ici Ice makes everything from only the best organic products right down to their vanilla beans. Stop by this Berkeley shop and enjoy a cool and sweet treat. 6256217173_d16b4bdb39_b Flickr by Kelly Bone We've shared our favorites, but did we miss yours? Let us know some of the popular California ice cream parlors you like to visit in the comments below!

Cover Photo: Flickr by madlyinlovewithlife Source: Red Tricycle, CBS Los Angeles

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